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Mind Blowing Parallax Scrolling Sites

Mind Blowing Parallax Scrolling Sites:
Alucinantes ejemplos de tecnología Paralax en Websites. Iremos comentando en próximos posts

Nike Better WorldNike Better World is probably one of the early sites who started this parallax scrolling trend. Still looking good. Smart USAAs you scroll down the Smart USA site, the elements zoom to you. What is really impressive is they managed to maintain the similar look and feel in their mobile version. Most parallax scrolling designs don't play well on mobile devices. Having a separate version is a smart idea. Ben The Body GuardAlthough the perspective seems very wrong (it doesn't feel like a bird's-eye view) onBen The Body Guard, but having a character and trian runs across the scene is pretty cool. LaurentiusI don't understand Dutch, but browsing on Laurentius site was very enjoyable. You can scroll through the slideshow with mouse scroll wheel, scrollbar, navigation buttons, or arrow keys. I particularly like the slide between 4 &…