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Porqué atraen a escanear más unos códigos QR que otros?

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Why Are Some QR Codes More Scanworthy Than Others? [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 hours ago by Charlie White


Those quick-response (QR) codes you see spreading far and wide give smartphone users a painless way to go to a company’s website, get discounts or gather contact information. But some QR codes are scanned more than others. Why? Is it because those winning QR codes are so creatively designed? Researchers at Lab42 wanted to know “what makes certain codes so scanworthy,” so they conducted an online survey via social networks of 500 Americans over 18, and found out that many people don’t even know what a QR code is. For those who are hip to QR codes and what they can do, you might not be surprised at the one enticement most likely to get people to pull out that smartphone and scan a QR code: Read more at mashable.com See this Amp at http://bit.ly/qPewSy

Los 140 Influenciadores de Twitter más importantes en un gráfico

Cómo se organiza el mundo de Twitter alrededor de los creadores de contenido más influyentes, la evolución Twitter desde su creación hasta hoy. Todo en un gráfico de 84 x 119 centímetros. Amplify’d from www.guardian.co.uk The big bang visualisation of the top 140 Twitter influencers The Information Architects team have come up with a way of looking at Twitter that echoes maps of how the universe began

Twitter's big bang: how the top 140 influencers came online (detail from larger graphic)
Back at the dawn of microblogging time, when Twitter had only just started, there were only three users who mattered: Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey - the three key people behind the service. Now there are more than a hundred million users - but the key influencers in this huge network can be quite easily identified. Now the team at Information Architects have decided to come up with a neat Twitter visualisation, akin to The Independent's classic 1992 "How the universe began" gr…