Location Based Services, How they will change the world as we know it

Location Based Services, (LBS) are a major trend amongst small businesses and large corporations,   the first, are learning at a quite fast pace how important is to be accurately located and to be found by potential customers, the website has proven to be an expensive and time consuming advertising way in a trillion sites cloud, where only the most powerful survive and make real business. Local searches are now the way to focus, and here is where large corporations have shifted their focus on.
The Smartphone and Tablets have kickstarted this new way of marketing our businesses, and numbers prove this is not a fading trend at all, but the way things are going to be from now on.
Users want to find businesses around them, meet friends and locate deals and places while walking or driving, and theis portable devices are there for them at all times, democracy has finally arrived, as what really matters is how close we are to what we need, not so much how much a company has paid on advertising, if one can click to call for a service that is near and provides what is needed there and then the decision is easy to make.
Here's an overview of a few ways location-based data is transforming the mobile ecosystem:

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