Metaio Abre nuevas oficinas de Investigación y Desarrollo de Hardware en Dallas

Metaio anuncia hoy la apertura de su flamante nuevas oficinas en Dallas, Tejas, como parte de una iniciativa de la compañía a nivel Interno para invertir recursos en la investigación y desarrollo de Tecnologías de Realidad Aumentada.

En el congreso de este año del Mobile World Congress, Metaio presentó el AREngine, que ya publicamos en este mismo blog, se trata del primer Hardware por IP expresamente diseñado para la aceleración de las nuevas interfaces de Realidad Aumentada como las Google Glass.
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Dallas, TX – 17 April 2013:  metaio | Metaio Opens New Office to Ramp Augmented Reality Hardware R&D | Augmented Reality Products & Solutions
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Metaio Opens New Office to Ramp Up Augmented Reality Hardware R&D

Metaio and its network of clients and developers already benefit from an award-winning R&D team in its headquarters in Munich, Germany. As an expansion to the existing research efforts, the opening of the brand-new office in Dallas will focus entirely on advancements and platform research in order to engineer the next generation of Augmented Reality software and devices.

Metaio has long been involved in collaborative research projects with partners in the mobile handset industry and will continue these strategic developments in designing hardware that will bring Augmented Reality into the future.

"Optimizing the software helps, but it’s not enough," said Metaio CTO Peter Meier. "In order to enable the kind of 'Always On, Aways Augmented" future that every popular representation of Augmented Reality from Iron Man to Google Glass promises, the devices themselves need to be optimized at the chipset level."

Augmented Reality experiences running on standard mobile devices tax the battery and the CPU heavily. Early research by Metaio already shows a drastic reduction in power consumption and increases in initialization speed by up to a factor of 60 when running on the AREngine. These types of performance improvements are absolutely necessary to enable everyday use of this incredible technology.

Metaio has grown substantially since expanding to the US and is hiring for multiple positions, including chipset R&D. Learn more at


About Metaio

The worldwide leader in Augmented Reality (AR) research and technology, Metaio develops software products for visually interactive solutions between the real and the virtual world. Based on the Metaio Augmented Reality platform, digital and 3-D content can be integrated seamlessly into the user’s camera view looking upon the real world. Powering over 1,000 apps for enterprise, marketing, retail, publishing and industrial cases, over 30 Million consumers use Metaio’s AR software. Learn more at


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